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CCQ-400 Top Qulaity Optical Equipment Internal Reading Lens Meter


Lens meter


Technical Data
Internal reading, top quality .
6 main advantages:
TOP quality in China,internal reading.  
1. Green LED light
2. Wide visual field
3. ± 25D measurement achievable
4. Sealed optical system
5. Ergonomics design
6. AC adaptor power
This device is applicable to all-level measurement testing departments, spectacles manufacturers, spectacles retail stores, hospital's department of ophthalmology and optical elements factories for conducting measurement of spherical lens diopter of spectacles or lens, diopter of cylindrical lens, astigmatism axis angle of cylindrical lens, prism degree and prism basal angle.

1\Internal reading
2\± 25D measurement
3\Wide field of vision observation

Spherical lens:-25D~+25D

Cylindrical lens:-9 . 99D~+9 . 99D

Space of readings:0 . 01D, 0 . 06D, 0 . 12D, 0 . 25D
2,Astigmatism axis angle of cylindrical lens
0~180°space of readings:1°
3,Prism degree Model A 0~5Δ space of readings:1Δ
Model B (with prism compensator)
4,Prism basal angle 0~180°space of readings:1°
180°~360°space of readings:5°
5,Range of ocular visibility adjustment -5D~+5D
6,Size of measured lens Φ16~ Φ 80mm
7,Overall dimensions 320mm(L)×150mm(W)×450mm(H)
8,Weight Model A 4.8kg
Model B (with prism compensator) 4.9kg
9,Lamp of illumination Φ 5 super-lighting LED
10,power supply DC 6V/200mA
11,Power 1 . 2W
12,Temperature -10ºC~+50ºC(in operation)
20ºC~+60ºC(in storage/during transport)
13,Humidity 30~75%(in operation)
10~85%(in storage/during transport)

Ccq-400 Top Qulaity Optical Equipment Internal Reading Lens Meter


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