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HE-710 Optical Equipment, Pd Meter


PD meter

(Digital Pd ruler)

Techinical Data

It is a digital precision optical instrument used to measure distance
Between human pupils in the process of optometry for fitting spectacles.

Detailed Product Description:
1, It employs precise optical structure, the line of light is very clear and Precise measurement. The measurement results are displayed digitally, and The left eye and right eye measuring values are displayed separately.
2, Simple and rapid measuring operation, and free operation of the direct PD adjustment lever are possible.
3, When the measuring operation is finished, the auto poweroff and memory Function, enable to save the power and not to lose the data.
4, It can also be used in monocular the left eye and right eye separately.

Electric Voltage: 23A 12V battery
Power: 5W
Weight: 0.2kg
Volume: 21.5(L)x12.2(w)x44(H)cm

He-710 Optical Equipment, Pd Meter


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