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HE-801AW Ophthalmic Rcryotherapy Ophthalmic Rapid Freezing


ophthalmic rapid freezing


Technical Data

High quality single output (internal decompression and filtering device)

End cooling type

Straight insert sealing plug.

controlled by the pedal switch

main security feature and Technical Parameter:

  1. classification by shock-proof type: I type

  2. classification by shock-proof level: B type application part

  3. classification by feeding liquor protection level: IPX0

  4. classification by running mode: intermittent operation

  5. facility rated voltage and frequency: 240V 50Hz

  6. facility input power: 10VA

  7. facility not equipped application part of defibrillation charges protection

  8. facility not equipped signal input or output part

  9. movable facility

  10. detector cooling temperature ≤-70°C

  11. cooling and freezing time 6 seconds (cooling: from normal temperature to refrigerating working temperature, unfreezing: from refrigerating working temperature to normal temperature).

  12. outside dimension: 320×100×270

  13. net weight: 9.0 Kg

working condition:

1. ambient temperature: 20°C-35°C

2.relative air humidity85%

3. atmosphere pressure 500hPa~1060hPa

4. power supply: AC(alternating current) 240V/ 50Hz

5. refrigerant is liquid CO2 (medical CO2 takes priority ) which purity >99%, pressure 5.1 MPa-6.5MPa

Ophthalmic rapid freezing

There are the following accessories:

pedal switch  1pcs

Φ2.0 probe round head    1pcs

Φ2.5 probe, flat head , end cooling   1pcs

Exhaust pipe  1pcs

Ophthalmic Rcryotherapy Ophthalmic Rapid Freezing
Ophthalmic Rcryotherapy Ophthalmic Rapid Freezing

Ophthalmic Rcryotherapy Ophthalmic Rapid Freezing


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