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  • HRS-100 , HRS-100A

HRS100 HRS100A

                           HRS-100                                     HRS-100A

HRS-100 series Nd: YAG Laser Ophthalmic Therapy Apparatus is a highly-precise and non-contact, ophthalmic microsurgical equipment. This apparatus is made up of the slit-lamp microscope, Q-switch laser, infrared diode targeting laser, power switch controller, beam propagation system, etc. The instrument is equipped with laser protection device, device preventing false triggering of laser and the power switch, stabilized voltage supply system, so as to ensure the equipment operate in a continuous, stable and safe way .The product is displayed digitally, convenient to operate, easy to manage ,and reliable in performance.

Scope of Application

clinical applicable in iris incision of angle-closure glaucoma.

Laser emission handle and the foot switch can be simultaneously added to the instrument. Doctors can choose freely according to their own operating habit


Optional lens can be optionally equipped with imported iridoscope and Mandelkorn


Integrated design makes the product more stable and reliable in performance. Compact and efficient design provides doctors with more space to operate, making it possible for patient to receive treatment at his suitable time .and making laser control more convenient


Technical Indicators

operating wavelength1064nm

pulse energy0-40mJ

width of pulse: 6 ns

focal aperture angle: 16 angle

repetition frequency: 1 Hz

number of pulses: 1-4 pulse can be randomly taken

aiming beam: double red laser spot

energy selection: 100%70%50%35%25%12%6%

cooling-down method: cooling-down by air

power requirement: 220V/50Hz500W

lighting source

The brightness of the slit lamp is sustainable and adjustable.

laser target plate

The adoption of ENV similar with the material of ocular tissue makes doctors operate more skillfully and accurately.

power supply

Modularization design makes the performance more stable, which greatly facilitate the maintenance and upgrading of the equipment.

direct controlling box

Back lighting control box can be rotated freely even to 360 degrees in the panel. The digital display is clearly shown even in the dark room.



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