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ST-1000 China Top Quality Non Contact Tonometer

  • ST-1000

Non contact tonometer
ST-1000  Tonometer only
ST-1000P  tonometer with pachymeter

Technical Data


Basic Specifications

Intraocular pressure (IOP) measuring range: 1mmHg~ 30mmHg /1mmHg ~60mmHg ( precision of 1mmHg)
Measuring system: dual sensor system of light and pressure
Working distance:11mm
R/L: automatic detection and display
Measuring result: 10 times per eye; 3 times result printing per eye
Recording: build-in printer
Measuring mode: auto/manual
Focus: when luminous spot is in the focus frame, 2 modes can be chosen.
     auto mode: auto intraocular pressure measurement
     manual mode: when it's good focus, the frame will turn yellow into green, and click to start the measurement
Error indication: if the measurement signal is weak, the IOP will be enclosed by ( ), or display "ERR "
Safety limit button: install measurement for minimum distance between head and patient
Safety functions: the distance between air nozzle and cornea is controlled in preset range(such as 11mm); it will stop going forward when the cornea is too closed to air head.
Movement range:30mm(front to back)/ 90mm(left to right)/ 30mm(vertical)
Jaw layer vertical movement: 0~65mm with under jaw layer
Display mode: 10.1-inch HDMI color LED touch monitor
Output port: USB2.0
Working platform: electric elevating platform

Size:380 mm (L) x 460mm (W) x 505mm (H)
Power supply: 220V/50HZ

Note:with development of technology, specifications and design are subject to change without notice.

Product features

Auto tonometer utilizes image control and feature recognition for auto 3-D positioning of xyz with reliable judgment and measurement results, and easy to operate. The air non-contact approach to measure IOP can also be used for corneal thickness (ST-1000P).

Performance Features

Auto 3-D positioning of xyz results in precise and reliable measurement
Full-auto measurement for both right and left eye data without manual switch
Easy to operate the tonometer with color touch monitor
Stable data of IOP through soft air measurement
To compensate corneal thickness measurement of IOP


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St-1000 China Top Quality Non Contact Tonometer


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