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(SYX15)China Glaucoma Micro Operation Instruments


Glaucoma micro operation instruments


Technical Data
1. Aspiration Needle 56146 2. Aspiration Needle 56144
3. Goniotomy Knife 52231A 4. Iris Spatula 52415
5. Iris Spatula 52414 6. Iris Spatula 52404A
7. Cauter 52700 8. Vannas Scissors 54147B
9. Micro Ophthalmic Scissors 54022
10. Micro-corneal Scissors 54108A/B
11. Suturing Forceps Suturing Forceps
12. Micro Trabecula Punche 56105A
13. Trabeculotomy Probe 56092

No. Name Model Specifications
1 Aspiration Needle 56146 Angled Φ 0.4mm, tip 27mm in total length
2 Aspiration Needle 56144 StraightΦ 0.4mm, tip 27mm in total length
3 Goniotomy Knife 52231A Straight, 2mm in blade length, 115mm in total length
4 Iris Spatula 52415 Straight, 1.2mm in blade length, 117mm in total length
5 Iris Spatula 52414 Straight, 1.7mm in blade length, 117mm in total length
6 Iris Spatula 52404A Short angled, 11mm in tip length
7 Cauter 52700 Ball shape tip, Φ 5.5mm, 119mm in total length
8 Vannas Scissors 54147B Curved, 9mm in blade length, 84mm in total length
9 Micro Ophthalmic Scissors 54022 Curved round pointed tips, 85mm in total length
10 Micro-corneal Scissors 54108A/B Curved, 12mm in blade length, 120mm in total length
11 Suturing Forceps 53325A Straight, 1*2 teeth of 0.15mm in total length
12 Micro Trabecula Punche 56105A Φ 1mm, semicircle, forceps-type
13 Trabeculotomy Probe 56092 RightΦ 0.28mm, 80mm in total length
14 Trabeculotomy Probe 56090 Left, Φ 0.28mm, 80mm in total length
15 Castroviejo Caliper 56211A Adjustable, measures from 0-20mm at 1mm increment

China Glaucoma Micro Operation Instruments (SYX15)


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