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SZY-CBM21 Ophthalmic Operation Instrument Set, China Ophthalmic Surgical Set


Ophthalmic Operation Instrument Set (SZY-CBM21)
1: Fixation Forceps 2-3: Capsulotomy Forceps
4: Tying Forceps 5: Tying Forceps
6-7: Iris Forceps 8: Corneal Scleral Forceps
9-10: Eye Speculum 11: Lens Loop
12: Strabismus Hook 13: Blade Holder
14: Iris Spatula 15-16: Micro-needle Holder
17: Corneal Scissors 18: Iris Scissors
19: Ophthalmic Scissors 20: Vannas Forceps
21: Corneal Scissors

1Fixation Forceps53340Straight, 0.7mm in serrated tips distance, 110mm in total length
2-3Capsulotomy Forceps53274Oblong spoon tips, 70mm in total length
4Tying Forceps53323ALong angled, platform 4.5mm in length, 105mm in total length
5Tying Forceps53320AStraight, platform 4.5mm in length, 105mm in total length
6-7Iris Forceps
53042Curved, 1*2 teeth, 60mm in total length
53004Bend, 1*2 teeth, 70mm in total length
8Corneal Scleral Forceps53286Straight, semicircle, 70mm in total length
9-10Eye Speculum
51286AOpen blades, stainless 14mm in blade length, 75mm in total length
51262Wire speculum, stainless 14mm in blade length, 50mm in total length
11Lens Loop52500Curved, tip 4.5mm(width)*15mm(length), 140mm in total length
12Strabismus Hook52454Blunt, curved tip, 12mm in head width, 135mm in total length
13Blade Holder56202BWith spring, 120mm in total length
14Iris Spatula52391Curved, 1.7mm in tip width, 130mm in total length
15-16Micro-needle Holder
55152A/BCurved, 110 mm in total length
55115Straight, 130mm in total length
17Corneal Scissors54100Straight, 1*2teeth, 100mm in total length
18Iris Scissors54060Two sharp tips, 90mm in total length
19Ophthalmic Scissors54006Straight blunt tips, 100mm in total length
20Vannas Forceps54136BStraight, 6.5mm in blade length, 84mm in total length
21Corneal Scissors54100Curved, R4.5mm


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