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Sw500 China Ophthalmic Portable Veterinary Tonometer

  • HE-500
  • RS
  • China
  • 90185000
Veterinary Tonometer


With vertical and horizontal two working modes, wireless output print data. The equipment is used to measure intraocular pressure, using the principle of: The probe hits the surfaces of different hardness at a certain speed, has different reaction when the probe rebounds. Be of advantages of high accuracy, portable, without anesthesia, without the cross-infection etc.

Measuring Range: 3mmHg~70mmHg
Measuring Error:
± 1.5mmHg(3mmHg≤ Intraocular pressure≤ 25mmHg)
± 2.5mmHg(25mmHg Measurement can go along both in standing and lying posture
Wireless data printing
Esay to learn, easy to use
Lightweight and handy
No anesthesia, avoiding discomfort reaction

Sw500 China Ophthalmic Portable Veterinary Tonometer


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