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AR-7610/ARK-7610 Auto Refractometer

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  • AR7610/ ARK-7610
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Auto refratometer
AR-7610   ARK-7610

未标题-1Main Feature:

7" Color and touch screen, 

Auto tracking , 

motorized chinrest , 

one key lock

IOL function 

contact lens measure 

1.Technical Parameters

New optical system, unique imaging impression
Hartman imaging analyzing and processing technology, accurate measurment result touch screen, can move front and back freely
Motorized chinrest
Vertex Distance(VD): 0.0, 12.0, 13.75, 15.0
SPH:     -30.000~+25.000 ( VD= 12mm, 0.01 , 0.06, 0.12, 0.25 Unit)
CYL:    0.000~ ± 10.000 (0 06, 0.12, 0.25 Unit )
Axis(AX):    1 . ~ 180 . ( 1 . Unit )
Cylinder Form  :   , +,  ±
Puiple Distαnce(PD):   10~86mm
Minimum Pupil Diameter:   2.0mm
Pupil Diameter:   2.00-8.00mm
Measuring Light Ene ( gy: <30L) w ( Insure measuring safety )
Radius of Curvature: 5.0~10.0mm ( 0 01 mm Unit )
Corneal Power: 33.000~67.000
( In case that the corneal equivalent refractive powe ( is 1.3375 )
Corneal As↑igmatism: 0.000~ 15.000 ( 0.060/0 120/0 250 Unit )
Dαta Storing: Each 10 measured values of left eyes and right eyes
Axis: 1 . ~ 180 .
Chart: Auto fog
Monitor: SHARP 7" TFT LCO touch screen (Angle of view adjustable)
Built-in Printer: 57mm thermal printer, auto paper-cutting
Electrical Powe : AC 100~250V, 50/6οHz
NW: 17kg
GW: 26.5kg
Dimensions(packing): (L)680mm X (W)400mm×(H)640mm

2. Other Performance Parameters
2.1 7″TFT touch screen (angle adjustable)
2.2 Printer: 57mm thermal printer, auto paper cutting
2.3 Measuring Light Energy

2.4 Measuring Time: <0.5s
2.5 Minimum 2.0mm pupil can be measured.

The application of cloud and mist chart technology allows the patients’ eyes to look at the internal targets in a natural and comfortable situation and make the measurement more accurate
2.6 Auto tracking, auto focusing and auto measuring of end of measurement (partial model)
2.7 Electrical Power: AC100 ~ 250V, 50/60Hz


LCD Screen: Monitor for measurement display

Height Adjustment Mark: The eyes’ height position of the patients

Printer Cover: Press the coverto openor close Measure Button: Performing the measurement by pressing after focusing

Joystick: Adjust the focus by moving it left / right, up / down, forward / backward Stage Fixing Lever: Lock thesliding body

Power Switch/Socket: AC power on / off with indicator light / AC power inlet (fuse F5AL 250V inside)

Rubber Feet: Support and adjust the instrument horizontal Chinrest Up/Down Button: Adjust the height of the chinrest

Data Interface: USB \ RS232 interface to be connected with other equipments (This refractometer and the automatic phoroptor serials connected should comply with the related electrical requirements in IEC60601-1-1-2000)

Kr8900 Ophthalmic Equipment Auto Ref/Keratometer



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