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SLM-5D Digital Slit Lamp for Ophthalmology

  • SLM-5D

Digital slit lamp(SLM-5D)

LED LAMP Optional

Main Features:
High Definition Integrated System. Professional Software. Joystick Handle.
*This Product Must Be Connected with Computer.

Optical System:
Slm-2 Based

Digital System:
3.0m Max. Pixels Resolution
Image Capture Card
Professional Image Software

It based on our standard slit lamp SLM-2ER (Galielo type, 5 Mags) and adopts CANON 1300D digital camera with  which allows to take very detailed part the patient eye.
-Its professional software system includes high definition video function (MOV format), doctors can record, play, capture image from the video via software directly any time you want during playing.
-The SLR digital Camera adopts AC power to supply the power. It does not need bettary. This function is very convenient for doctors for using.

Type Parallel Galilean
Eyepiece 12.5X
Total Magnification 6X, 10X, 16X, 25X, 40X
Diameter of Visual Field Φ 37, Φ 23, Φ 14, Φ 8.7, Φ 5.7mm
Diopter Adjustment +5D--5D
Slit Width 0mm-14mmcontinuously adjustable
Slit Height 1mm-14mmcontinuously adjustable
Aperture Diameter Φ 14, Φ 10, Φ 5, Φ 3, Φ 2, Φ 1, Φ 0.2mm
Slit Angle 0° -180°
Illumination Tilting 0° , 5° , 10° , 15° , 20°
Filter Heat absorption, grey, redfree(green), cobalt blue
Input Voltage 110V/220V    60/50Hz
Input Power 60VA
Illumination Bulb ,led lamp 
Fixation Red LED




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