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YZ-20T4 China Top Quality Ophthalmic Operation Microscope


Ophthalmic operation microscope

Model :YZ-20T4

Technical Data
The product is a double binocular operation microscope designed for two men. Assistant

Binocular can also be switched as opponent binocular. It is applicable in ophthalmic surgery

And hand surgery.

Assistant microscope can be rotated to opponent microscope.
Internal beam splitter can be connected with teaching tube and CCD system.
Equipped with three different objective lenses(f200/f250/f300)and applicable in

Ophthalmic surgery, orthopedic surgery and hand surgery.
Oblique illumination can also be used as slit illumination and slit width is adjustable.

Eyepiece Magnifications 12.5× /18B
Diopter Adjustment ± 7D
Pupil Distance 50mm~75mm
Magnifications for Main Microscope f200: 4X  6X  10X  16X  25X
f250: 3.2X  5X  8X  12.8X  20X
f300: 2.7X  4.2X  6.7X  11X  17X
Magnifications for Assitant Microscope f200: 6X  10X  16X
f250: 5X  8X  12.8X
f300: 4.2X  6.7X  11X
Maximal Resolution 112 LP/mm
Illumination Source 12V/100W, Cold Reflection Halogen Bulb for Medical Use
Illumination Type 6° +0° coaxial illumination of cold light source, 25° Oblique Illumination (It can be used as slit illumination) Slit Width is adjustable, and its angle is 360° rotation.
Coaxial Illumination ≥ 50000lx
Oblique Illumination ≥ 45000lx
Reaching Radius of Arm 1040mm
Adjustable Vertical Range 850mm~1350mm
Fine Focusing Speed and Range ≤ 2mm/s, ≥ 50mm
Speed for X/Y and Range ≤ 2mm/s, 50mm× 50mm
Input Voltage AC220V± 22V/50Hz± 1Hz, AC110V± 11V/60Hz± 1Hz
Power 330VA
Fuse AC250V T4.0A, AC125V T8.0A
Electrical Safety Standard Executive Standard: GB9706.1-200, type I
Packing Volume 0.727m 3, 5cartons
Total Weight 210kg

Yz-20t4 China Top Quality Ophthalmic Operation Microscope
Yz-20t4 China Top Quality Ophthalmic Operation Microscope


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