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PD-A China Optometry Machine Digital Pd Meter


PD Meter


Technical Data
      PD Meter is a digital precision optical instrument used to measure distance between human pupils in the process of optometry.
        ·This device is designed in a scientific and reasonable way, integrating technologies on optics, microelectronics.
        ·The corner reflection light coincidence method is used.
        ·This operates by aligning luminous point on the pupils with measuring line.
        ·Results are displayed digitally.
        ·measurements are given: right, right+left, left.
        ·Results are accurate to within 0.25mm.
        ·Measurements can be made for a single eye or for both eyes.
        ·Possible to measure PD of focusing-point distances ranging from 30cm to infinity.
        ·Automatically switches OFF one minute after operation is completed, thus conserving power.
        ·Distances from tops of the corner to lenses or frames can also be measured

Data show range two eyes PD: 44~83mm
Left-right PD: 22~41.5mm
Effective measure range two eyes PD: 45~82mm
Left-right PD: 22.5~41mm
Indication error ≤0.5mm
Rounding error ≤0.5mm
Target distance 30cm~∞
Power supply voltage: DC 6V
Specification: 5#AA battery
Quantity: 4
Automatic shut-off 1minute after operation stops
Instrument size 212mm
(L)×158mm(W)×58mm(H) Net weight 0.6kgs


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